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April 11, 2023

Downtown Baton Rouge Photoshoots | Pros + Cons

Looking to have a photoshoot in downtown Baton Rouge? There are plenty of amazing  spots to capture that perfect shot all around the downtown area! There are many advantages to downtown Baton Rouge photoshoots, its high energy and dynamic, unique backdrops being the top two. However, there are also a few disadvantages to consider and be aware of before deciding.  I always want my clients to have all the information upfront in order for them to make the best choice! 

Downtown Baton Rouge Photoshoots | The Pros

Location and Setting Variety

Downtown Baton Rouge provides a variety of unique and vibrant locations for a photoshoot. Whether you prefer an urban vibe with brick walls and graffiti, a more sophisticated look at a historic building, or a natural setting at a bridge or a local park,  there is something for everyone! There is no shortage of scenery! Everything is also in close proximity, which means we can often hit several locations in a short amount of time!

Outfit Choices

Due to the variety in backdrops, almost any outfit will work somewhere in the downtown area! We can find the perfect spot to fit your look, personality, and vision for your shoot. The downtown setting also allows us to capture more looks! We can quickly capture you at the park and then walk to one of the iconic, historic landmarks for a completely different look and experience. 

Since there are several spots and backgrounds to choose from downtown, I recommend bringing a variety of styles for your outfits. If you have 4 outfits, I’d recommend two dressier outfits, one casual (jeans or shorts with a nice top), and one that’s a little different, but makes you happy. I LOVE using your outfits to plan out the session. Matching backgrounds to outfits is one of my specialties!

Closeness to my Studio 

Another major advantage to choosing a photoshoot in downtown Baton Rouge is the close proximity to my studio! The downtown area is only 20 minutes away from where you’ll get hair and makeup done! This makes for a quick drive and more time to explore the area and capture photos! Once we get to the downtown area, most things are within walking distance!

Photoshoots in Downtown Baton Rouge | The Cons

Parking and Traffic

The biggest drawback is parking and traffic! As everyone knows, cities are more congested and parking can be tricky and even frustrating at times, especially if it is during a rush hour or other peak hours. I often suggest that I hop in the car with you as we get close to downtown. This avoids trying to find two parking spots close by and alleviates some stress!


Downtown Baton Rouge can be a busy place, especially during peak hours or on the weekends. Crowds of people can make it difficult to find a quiet and secluded spot for your photoshoot depending on the locations chosen. However, I will always scout the area and will be able to make suggestions based on the location or look you want and the time of day to make sure we are able to capture everything and make the most of your downtown experience. 

The city is bustling with activity, and incorporating the energy of the city into your photos can make for an exciting and unique shoot to capture memories and create beautiful images. However, it isn’t for everyone. It is important to consider all the pros and cons and make the decision that is right for you. I will always be there to help you decide on the best locations, settings, and outfits that will work best for the look you envisioned!

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