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March 5, 2019

Sweet Luke is Two | Home life

There is something so sweet and sad about knowing your family is complete. We have known for many years now that we only wanted two kids (my logic is- two hands, two parents, two kids!). Luke has been the perfect bow to wrap our family up.

I use to do cute parties every year for Jake. If it wasn’t pinterest worthy, to me it seemed like I didn’t do everything I should have. Then the flood happened and I threw that logic out of the window! For Luke first birthday and Jake’s 6th we had a “easy” combined party for them at a trampoline place in Baton Rouge (I honestly cannot even remember the name of it). I put almost no thoughts into that party, we picked up cupcakes on the way to it, and I’m pretty sure the decorations were already in place for us.

Was it the most amazing dreamy birthday that people would talk about for years to come? Absolutely not. But, it was done and everyone had a great time. The ONLY thing that bothers me about that party is that we combined the two kids together into one party. Some people do this and have no problem with it, and maybe one day I will be fine with it, but for the past year I have felt like Luke deserved the “cute party.” After all, Jake had 4 of them before he came along! So this year we did it….in a low key way.

I knew I wanted it to look cute and “pinterest worthy” but at the same time my life is completely different now than it was when I planned Jake’s parties. I have two kids, one in first grade with homework, and two jobs! I’m not exactly sitting around all day with time to plan parties anymore. Because of this, I was able to prioritize and really do only what was necessary to make it cute, but not above and beyond. The goal was to make my sweet baby boy the center of attention and to make him feel loved and we accomplished that.

We are so blessed to have so many people come together to celebrate our sweet Luke. He is growing into a sweet and wild little boy that we already have our hands full with. I can’t wait to see what his future holds.



with love, 


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