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February 21, 2019

Zach| Senior

Spring time is for Seniors! Graduation is right around the corner and all the excitement is starting to hit. The end is near and it won’t be long before High School is over. Some teens start to worry about there future around this time, but not Zach. He has big plans for his future and knows exactly how he is going to make them come true.

After graduating from Live Oak High School, Zach is heading to the University of Tennessee to begin his degree in Aerospace Engineering. From there he wants to get his PhD in Astrophysics (wants to should be replaced with WILL because I have zero doubt that he will reach that goal!

I loved getting to know Zach and see a bright future ahead for him. A well rounded, world traveling, goal oriented young man has no choice but succeed in anything he chooses to do!


Congratulations Zach! So excited to see what you make of your future!


with love, 


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