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January 21, 2019

Kim + Brad | Engagement Session

When we picked the date for Kim and Brad’s engagement session I don’t think any of us thought about how cold in can get in January! When you live in Louisiana, you seem to always think cold is around 60 degrees or so (oh wait….is that just me?).

It was 40 degrees! 40. We were COLD! But Kim and Brad are so great. They didn’t even think about cancelling, had no complaints, and powered through like champs. I honestly think I complained way more than they did (sorry guys!).

We started the session at the Antique Village in Denham Springs which is always great because there’s so much variety in such a small area. Immediately I was super excited with their outfit choices! If you are ever unsure with what to wear for pictures, you can never go wrong with keeping it simple! Both of their outfits were classic AND colorful- my perfect combinations!

After the Antique Village we took what feels like a road trip to my property in Pine Grove area to finish the session. I know I’m a bit bias, but I LOVE my land. So much variety and it seems to always be changing. The only downfall is that your favorite spot one day can turn into a mud pit the next with the smallest rainfall. This happened in of my favorite locations but Kim and Brad pushed thanks to boots and got the shots.

One of my favorite things about taking pictures is watching how couples naturally interact with each other. No matter how many times I show a pose, every couple finds a way to make it their own and I love it! Brad and Kim are so comfortable with one another and I love them for being willing to do anything I asked no matter how ridiculous it may have seemed at the time. My absolute favorite part of this session was watching them come together into a hug. They were so natural and sweet every. single. time. 🙂


Thanks again for powering through the weather Brad and Kim! I am so ready for your wedding day!



with love, 


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