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December 10, 2020

Stranger Session | Paula and Andrew

This was a first!  If you’re a photographer, you probably already know about Stranger Sessions. For everyone else, a “Stranger Session” is a new twist on a blind date. Two people meet for the VERY FIRST TIME in front of the camera and have a photo shoot together the same way a couple would.




The first time I found out about one of these sessions, I was super interested in shooting one but also a bit nervous about how to put one together. Eventually, I forgot about it. Then, 2 weeks ago, Paula contacted me and asked if I would do one for her. I jumped at the opportunity! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to talk a guy into doing it, but luckily for me Facebook groups exist!


I posted in one photography group that I needed a guy for this session and within the hour someone tagged Andrew (shoutout to Ali Rose Photography for tagging him!).  I was so excited that he was on board.


This type of session takes someone that is outgoing and willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations (hello kissing within 30 minutes of meeting someone!). It takes bravery and the ability to put yourself out there and boy did they do that!


I honestly think I was more nervous than either of them. This is 100% not something I would have the courage to do if I were single, but I wanted to make sure it was a good experience for both of them. They were the BEST people to be my first

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