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October 22, 2020

3 Ways to ROCK Your Senior Session! with Kathryn | Live Oak High School

1. Bring more than you think you need. 

For Kathryn’s session, we planned to do two outfits. She brought at least 4 outfits (that I know of) plus a handful of options for shoes and jewelry. If you’re not sure if an outfit will work, bring it anyway! This is the time to show off your favorites. Worst case scenario: you bring a million things you don’t need and have to put then up when you get home. Best case scenario: we come up with a killer outfit for you that boost your confidence!

2. Get hair and makeup done

This one makes a huge difference! Even if you don’t typically get hair and make-up, getting it done for your Senior Pictures will help enhance all of your natural features. Not to mention, the confidence boost! Kathryn’s hair and makeup was done by Megan Wilkinson. Check her out!

3. Be confident and go along with my silly prompts. 

Anyone that has ever had pictures taken with me will tell you…..I’m a bit out there sometimes. If you like twirling, walk/laughing, and popping your hip endless times- I’m your girl! In the moment, these things may feel weird, but I PROMISE there’s a method to my madness. My goal is to help you get comfortable so I can get natural looks from you that show your true self.


Here are a few of my many faves from this session! 

Thanks for being awesome, Kathryn!! You were amazing!

with love, 


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